Immediate Recall: Bellator 179 Picks

Immediate Recall: Bellator 179 Picks

This morning I must make an immediate recall of a previous post titled, “Bellator 179 picks”. Before panic sets in, I will explain why. Simply put, Bellator is a joke. Sometimes when you are a guy like myself, with 2 kids under 3 years old and 2 dogs that cannot even understand simple commands and concepts such as their names, you have a few too many cocktails on a Friday morning. As I have told my significant other, friends, police, and often times the judge, I cannot be held responsible for any of my actions once the juice is flowing. Let’s review¬†this extremely disappointing card:

Kongo vs. Sakai: This was the worst heavyweight fight in recent memory. In reality, I am not even sure it can be considered a fight. There was a point about 4 minutes into the first round where I believe Jimmy Smith notes not one single punch had been landed. The entire fight was a J-Man fantasy, a massive black guy diving at an obese man’s mid section and remaining on his knees in a struggle for the remainder of the round. To point out a positive in the fight, Big John stood Kongo up once or twice when in reality many refs wouldn’t have. A man who has seen many fights in his day, I truly believe he was bored out of his fucking mind watching it himself from the cage. Nothing happened and Kongo won a split decision. In hindsight, you still have to bet against Kongo no matter what, and if he ever fights again make sure to do so. Just do yourself a favor and google the results rather than watch.

McGeary vs. Vassell: Another huge disappointment, I have only seen McGeary fight a handful of times, but now I know why he isn’t on any UFC radars despite his stature. The first round they both showed their incompetence on their feet. Vassell secured a takedown and then to McGeary’s credit, he landed the majority of the strikes and damage from bottom. A better move in the future might be to get the fuck up instead. Vassell secured takedowns early in rounds 2 and 3 when McGeary was clearly gassed. In round 3 he secured an arm triangle. Anyone that taps due to arm triangle or guillotine should be cut, luckily Bellator is slowly turning into the worst organization in the country and they will allow him to stick around because he’s real tall.

MacDonald vs. Daley: The most exciting fight of the 3, which isn’t saying shit. It disgusts me more than Hope Solo’s leaked nudies to read headlines of Rory “blowing away” Daley (ya, fuck you Bloody Elbow, hire some real MMA writing talent). Rory in no way blew away Daley. He took a blueprint provided numerous times in the past and played it safe versus a scrub fighter. Although, I can’t say I blame him after an 11 month lay off, a ton of hype, and losing his last 2. MacDonald is the opposite of Nick Diaz. When Diaz fought Daley he stood on his feet and knocked him out to expose what a fraud Daley is, this against a younger more dangerous Daley as well. Rory had the ability to do the same but anyone from Tristar gym checks their balls at the door day 1. By some miracle, I was able to stay awake through all of these fights to see Rory secure a round 2 RNC. At least he finished him I guess.

For the following reasons it’s clear to see why I was forced to recall this post.

Randytron out, still undefeated in picks bitchesssssss.

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