Ranking the Top P4P Fighters, J-Man Style

Ranking the Top P4P Fighters, J-Man Style

Allow me to introduce myself, the name is HOV.  Kidding, it’s J-man but obviously anytime a normal person is asked to introduce themselves that’s the line they go with. Given that this is my first post, I figured it is an opportunity to give you a taste of who I am, how I feel, and what I do.  It’s also important that this sets the tone for what’s to come.  Since there isn’t shit on for fights, and Randytron already incorrectly picked the fights on that embarrassing Bellator card last night, I needed to post some content…so I decided to write about something that I could include Joanna in without it being too obvious.

I am a very average white male that happens to be an avid MMA fan.  I have never fought, trained, or even dreamt about doing anything fighting related outside of strapping on boxing gloves and smashing Randytron’s head in, but what 20 something year old hasn’t done that with his bros.  I just enjoy watching men and women of the highest caliber crack each other in the face and try to pull limbs off of one another all while sweating and covered in vaseline.

So now that you know who I am, I want to be clear on how I feel when it comes to pound to pound rankings and my overall appreciation for MMA fighters.  P4P rankings obviously benefit lighter weights because they are normally wayyyyy more skilled. Heavyweights IMO shouldn’t crack the top P4P rankings because for the most part they are big oafs that move forward, throw hands, and wait for the other oaf to fall or throw back (see Ben Rothwell).  Because being an oaf isn’t technically a skill I’m disqualifying all Heavyweights and Light Heavyweights outside of Jon Jones for all of eternity.

Now that you have the criteria, the top 3 P4P fighters in my very humble yet extremely educated opinion are: 3. Jon Jones 2. Joanna Jedrzejczyk, 1. Demetrious Johnson.  There isn’t much explanation needed to defend this.  Mighty Mouse doesn’t get credit for how good he is because he’s a shrimp.  Being 125 pounds after the age of 11 as a male doesn’t impress anyone.  Being that size as a fully grown man is outright amazing and extremely impressive.  Even though DJ is a miniaturized fighter he has cleared out his division with relative ease, he fights all comers, he finishes most, and he has an outright advantage in all aspects of MMA over his opponents going into every fight.  I don’t care if his division sucks and there is no fear of being knocked out because everyone in the division is infant sized.  If you were to supersize, or even make DJ a medium size instead of extra small his skill set would translate into every division and he would be some type of unbeatable prototype that all fighters strived to be.

My last point to make is letting the world know, particularly the meathead MMA fans who wear Tapout (is that still the go to brand?) clothing, “train” at well know gyms, have 4 amateur fights, and are getting ready for their pro debut, that not only is WMMA extremely entertaining to watch, but women fighters are highly skilled at what they do. Prior to giving my take on Joanna I have to add a disclaimer, I think Joanna is top 2 hottest women alive and I’m not sure if it’s because I know she could kick my ass, or that she is just smoking hot and everyone else is too stupid to see or appreciate this.  I could literally write a book on why Joanna does it for me.  She has jumped Pink, J-Lo, and Katy Perry’s boobs as my new hall pass.  Joanna is a killer with her hands and feet.  Her striking is head and shoulders above any woman including Amanda Nunes, and she has the instincts of a starving wild animal in the jungle when it comes to survival. Personally I never thought Ronda could ever beat a man her size and weight, but I honestly think Joanna could beat a top 5 115 lb. male pro fighter depending on their skillset.  If Joanna wins 2 more fights she will be greatest WMMA fighter of all time.  Just imagine that she is not only the GOAT when it comes to female fighters sex appeal, but she’s also the GOAT when it comes to actual fighting.

There you have it.  Mighty Mouse is the top P4P fighter and Joanna is the sexiest P4P fighter alive.

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