McGregor vs. Mayweather: An Unwatchable Sideshow

McGregor vs. Mayweather: An Unwatchable Sideshow

Unlike Randytron, I’m not going to waste much energy or effort writing about the sideshow that is Floyd versus Conor.  I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to read about it, and I literally don’t want to hear anything else about it.  Conor and Dana have come out and said that Conor’s terms are done (if you believe anything Dana or Conor say you need to go back to elementary school Billy Madison) so that leaves us with another 4 months waiting for Floyd to sign his deal.  While we wait for the fight to be signed and then wait another 5 months for it to happen, lets examine why I will never write about this catastrophic event ever again.

Why I don’t want to see McGregor box:

McGregor is an unbelievable MMA striker.  He has great hands and great kicks with a style that still hasn’t been figured out (Diaz just has an iron face).  Nothing that Conor does translates into the boxing ring.  His straight left is useless without the fear of a spinning kick to the head or body coming at you.  McGregor has always had questionable cardio and we have seen him literally unable to keep his arms up after three 5 minute rounds.  So even if McGregor was to pace himself, he would still likely gas and be unable to lift his arms around the 8th round.  Lastly, McGregor is in his prime.  He could go down as a top P4P MMA fighter if he keeps doing what he has been doing.  Beating a 40 year old boxer who has been retired for 2+ years does not impress me, or anyone with half a brain in the least.

Why I don’t want to see Floyd box ever again:

How quickly we forget!  Floyd Money Mayweather is BORING.  He doesn’t care how he wins fights and doesn’t attempt to even finish them.  His goal is to not lose a fight rather than to, you know, be aggressive and try to win.  Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers of all time which should explain why boxing is almost extinct.  Floyd’s other most notable distinction (woman beater aside) is that he is the most unentertaining fighter in any sport, anywhere.  To say he is the Tyron Woodley of boxing would be an insult to Tyron Woodley and we all know how boring Woodley is.  Floyd is so boring I’m pretty sure Webster is adding the word unentertaining to the dictionary just to describe his fights.  So Floyd is 40, coming out of retirement, boring as fuck in his prime, and fighting “in defense” of a sports legacy in boxing that I’m sure he could careless about outside of the money he’s made from it.

Other than money, what is to gain?

Outside of money and fame there is absolutely nothing to gain from this fight by either fighter . If Conor wins he beat a 40+ year old boxer coming out of retirement.  Then what?  He fights GGG?  That’s unlikely.  So he goes back to MMA never to box again with the title of best striker in MMA history because he beat Floyd Mayweather?  If Floyd wins he beats an MMA fighter who had no business in a boxing ring in the first place.  He retires again, but this time with a bunch of extra money to use to pay for his legal settlements?

In summary, I will likely watch this fight because I have no pride or self restraint.  While watching I will bitch and moan the entire fight and complain as soon as it is finished.  I will probably write about it again to boot.  I just needed to be clear that I hate this fight, I hate this fight for so many reasons.  I hate that it further treats the UFC as a sideshow instead of an actual sport, I hate boxing in general, I hate that Conor isn’t fighting Tony Ferguson right now, I hate that people actually think this tells us something about either fighter, and I hate Floyd Mayweather’s unentertaining ass.  If Dana is trying to legitimize the UFC this is surely a bad way to do it.

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