If Yoel Romero was an Animal, He’d be a Cheatah!

If Yoel Romero was an Animal, He’d be a Cheatah!

Bad I know, but I can’t help it.  Yoel is a slimy, slimy creature that I just can’t stand.

Yoel Romero versus Robert Whittaker will take place at UFC 213 for the Interim Middleweight Title. This announcement presents the perfect opportunity to discuss the good, bad, and slimy that is Yoel Romero.  Let’s not take anything away from Yoel.  He is a legitimate wrestler with a great pedigree (Olympic Silver medalist). Athletically he is a freak of nature that looks like he was designed in a lab and he possesses knockout power in his hands, knees, and feet.  Looking closer we can see that the good Yoel shows himself both inside and outside of the octagon far less than the bad Yoel.  There is a very real chance that we will see both come July 8th.

The Good Yoel:

Yoel is 13-1 in his MMA career with his lone loss coming against Rafael Calvacante in Strikeforce over 6 years ago.  He has career victories over Tim Kennedy, Lyoto Machida, Ronaldo Souza, and Chris Weidman.  Those victories have propelled him to the number 1 contender.  Yoel has finished all but two of his opponents and unlike your typical wrestler turned MMA fighter he uses his strikes more so than any other aspect of his game.  Yoel is one of the most entertaining fighters on the roster and his finishes are normally of the most brutal fashion. When considering Yoel just for the 15 or 25 minutes he is fighting, he is without a doubt a top P4P fighter.

The Bad Yoel:

This is where things get interesting for Romero.  While he is unquestionably the number 1 contender at middleweight and likely a favorite over anyone he is matched up with, that doesn’t mean he is a fan favorite by any means.  It is a tough task to decide where to start with everything that is bad about Yoel Romero.  Because there are so many instances of Yoel being a slime bag, the easiest way to decipher them is in bullet format like a high school research paper.

  • Yoel was given a 6 month suspension for steroids…not that anyone could tell given the size of him.  To further implicate himself Yoel went with the tainted supplement excuse.  If you choose to believe it was a tainted supplement as the USADA did, then please stop reading now.  If you have a slightly higher intelligence level than your average middle school student you can clearly see that Yoel was given a reduced suspension because he is (eh em) 40 years old and couldn’t afford to be on the shelf for 2 years. Bravo USADA & UFC working together.  I guess Brock isn’t their only favorite child.
  • Yoel sat on the damn stool against Tim Kennedy for an extra minute after being rocked at the end of the 2nd round.  Everyone knows how much bullshit that was and if the UFC & Commission had any stones they would have changed the decision to a no contest. “Stoolgate” forced Tim Kennedy to soon retire and go back to being the most bad ass Motherfucker to ever walk on planet earth.
  • Yoel’s corner throws water all over the place during all of his fights.  He is soaked, the mat is soaked, the crowd is probably soaked, the ref is soaked, Joe Rogan is soaked, everything is fucking soaked.  Again, for a brain dead individual this is a solid technique to gain extra time for Yoel to get more oxygen into his juiced up body.
  • For no apparent reason what so ever Romero decided that speaking out against gay marriage was an opinion of his that anyone gave a shit about. He took it back though so I guess it’s all better now. He is a UFC fighter so his opinion on this topic means shit, but still Romero doesn’t have a big enough brain to think to himself that saying something is a bad idea?

In a nutshell Romero is the most talented fighter in the Middleweight division, but he has nothing in-between his ears and he will cheat at every opportunity he gets.  I don’t blame Bisping one bit for ducking him, and although Bisping is a pecker head I sure hope if they ever do fight that Bisping punches Romero’s tiny head into the 9th row.

The nightmare for the UFC will come to fruition when Yoel wins the interim Middleweight championship and likely goes on to beat Bisping/GSP for the undisputed middleweight title. Inevitably the bad Yoel will peak his tiny juiced up head out from his insanely large traps and say or do something so completely and utterly stupid that the non MMA fans will be turned off by it and boycott MMA.  Yoel will be looked at as the prototypical UFC fighter that can’t keep his mouth shut and sticks needles in his ass while clobbering his opponents.

I for one am not a Yoel fan and I don’t think there is anything he can do to change my mind. Here’s to Robert Whittaker shocking the world a second time at UFC 213.

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