WBB Post UFC 211 Power Rankings

WBB Post UFC 211 Power Rankings

Although the UFC reminds us time and time again that rankings do not matter in match making, they are still very useful in painting a picture of the division to the average fan. In an effort to keep the good of the general public in mind, we have formulated power rankings for each male division. To address all of the women’s rights activists out there that may be upset we haven’t ranked the ladies just yet, I will tell you what I frequently tell my fiancee, relax I promise you’ll come next time. Keep in mind these are power rankings with the purpose of relaying who is the most talented fighter in each division. Just because you are a champion, it doe not necessarily mean you are the best fighter in that division in our beautiful brown eyes.

How we came up with the rankings:

  • Top 10 Rankings were taken from both WBB bloggers as well as the official UFC rankings.
  • The 3 sets of rankings were averaged to make a composite score, which the fighters were then ranked according to.
  • Any fighter who has been inactive long enough to be excluded from the official UFC rankings was excluded by us as well

Without further adieu, here is your post UFC 211 WBB Power Rankings:

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