Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese

The UFC is spreading itself too thin and I for one am sick of it. The UFC is the little cream cheese packet that Dunkin’ Donuts gives with their bagels. I need more cream cheese and I need my bagel toasted longer. Of late, I find myself struggling to make it to the main events of cream cheeseless cards and I make a living writing for an MMA Site. I’m waiting until 11:30pm or later to finally see a fight that excites me. The UFC is making me watch the damn storyline of the porn, before finally getting to the good scenes. Who watches the storyline in a porn!

I want the UFC to rewind the clock and give me a monthly PPV with a free card sprinkled in between. Give me 5 solid fights on a PPV card and 2 solid prelims. I don’t need superstars headlining free cards. I don’t even need championship fights between women or small men headlining free cards. Free cards are there to keep me engaged. Free cards are the Browns vs. the Bills at 1pm for the NFL. Just there to give you something while you wait for Sunday Night Football. I want a few good fights on free cards. Not one good headliner with 9 other bad fights.

Looking at the UFC schedule in June literally pisses me off. UFC 212, 2 Fight Nights on FS1 cards, and a Fight Night on Fight pass all happen in June. Actually, the beginning of July pisses me off too. I won’t include July though because it’s a back to back Friday/Saturday event and UFC 213 is STACKED. The UFC in June was a quote it would sound like: “this is a great card if you’re a hardcore fan”.  Fuck that!

Fighters like Aldo, Hunt, Holm, and Belfort are all fighting in June. That would be a great card, if it was just that, A CARD. Sprinkling fighters that have no name recognition, are unranked, and don’t attract fans in with legends and legitimate contenders is hurting the UFC. There is no must see fight in June outside of Holloway vs. Aldo, but there are 4 cards!

As I look through the cards in June and then compare them to UFC 213 I’m instantly aggravated.  UFC 213 is what every UFC PPV should look like. A championship fight, a number 1 contender fight, a fan favorite fight, and a few other fights that have legitimate stars fighting. If making a card like UFC 213 means the UFC has to create a minor league for fighters that don’t have the name to fight on these cards, then so be it. Hardcore fans can watch the minors. I’ll even watch some minor league events, but to devote an entire night of drinking, eating, and staying awake to a shitty free card is infuriating.

I want more UFC 200’s, 205’s, and 213’s. I am as cheap as they come but I want less free shit! I want quality over quantity. I want to have one, 30 minute sex session a month instead of four, 1 minute sessions like I do now.

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