Jose Aldo… You Da Real MVP

Jose Aldo… You Da Real MVP

13 seconds.  That’s how quickly UFC fans from around the world forgot how great Jose Aldo is.  Jose Aldo, the 145 lb. kingpin, is the best fighter of the modern UFC era and possibly the greatest fighter in UFC history.  Jose Aldo is Anderson Silva before Anderson Silva got knocked out by Weidman, popped for steroids, and broke his leg.  Jose Aldo is GSP before GSP lost to beat Johnny Hendricks and retired.  Jose Aldo…you get the drift.

After Aldo finishes Max Holloway at UFC 212 on Saturday he will reestablish himself as the undisputed featherweight champion of the world and effectively have cleaned out the division.  Aldo has wins over each of the fighters ranked in the top 5 at featherweight.  On top of that, Aldo’s career record is 26-2.  TWENTY SIX AND TWO!

Once Aldo regains his throne the only logical fight for him is to move up and fight McGregor.  Given that Aldo is considered a big 145, I would suggest moving down and walking through Cody Garbrandt but I just don’t think Aldo can get to that weight.  It is also my firm belief that McGregor will not give Aldo a rematch no matter what division it would be at.

So, what’s next for the 30 year old champion with a 26-2 record, who has a dysfunctional relationship with the UFC brass and a love for soccer?  Jose Aldo is going to retire after UFC 212 as the greatest UFC fighter to ever live.  Unfortunately, he’s also going to be remembered most for those 13 seconds that cost him more than just the belt.

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