F*** You Jon Jones

F*** You Jon Jones

FUCK YOU JON JONES. I literally just yelled that out loud in my office. I’m not a troll, and I’m not trolling.  I didn’t quit my day job and become a full time MMA writer for WBB to troll fighters. I did it for my overall enjoyment and enthusiasm of watching scantily clad sweaty men and women punch, kick, and hump (thanks GSP!) each other. With that said, I’m just not sure how to voice my feelings about Jon Jones without sounding like a damn troll.

The reason this comes up today is in part because of the last few weeks of listening to Jon Jones and watching him become the champion of the DBag division as well as my overall disdain for the way Jones conducts himself. Jon Jones got into a twitter beef with Alexander Gustafsson because Jones is a delusional dick bag that can’t keep his mouth shut. Jones “won” the beef by calling Gus a dork that can’t win championship fights. This is a mere few weeks after Jon Jones got into a press conference beef with Daniel Cormier and bragged about how he beat Cormier after a cocaine rager, as if that is something to be proud of. Grats Jon you did good!

Jones is by far the most talented fighter in the UFC. He is going to go down as an all time great. He is also the biggest phony and least self aware athlete on the roster. Jon Jones did steroids but plays it off as something to help him get wood while he parties. Jon Jones got busted for cocaine, but it’s sooooo cool that he can still beat DC after a cocaine filled weekend. Jon Jones crashed into a pregnant woman, ran from the car but realized he forgot his weed and cash, so he ran back to the car before running away again. This is all before turning himself in and being so sorry for all of his actions! These events would humble most men/athletes/human beings, but not Jones. Nope, instead Jones just brags about them as some sort of Douche badge of honor.

I don’t expect Jon Jones to be a role model for kids. I don’t expect any fighter to be a role model for that matter, but I do expect some sort of professionalism, or at least appreciation shown by Jones. Jon Jones has been awarded a great opportunity to become rich and famous doing what he loves. No one would know this though, because instead of being grateful Jones acts like a high school kid. Every time Jones speaks it’s like he just got in trouble for being too cool for school and has to tell his classmates how cool he actually is.

I don’t wish Jon Jones a loss against DC or Gus. I enjoy watching Jones fight and I’m disappointed that he hasn’t fought in the past few years because he’d prefer to perfect his skills of being a shit head. What I wish for Jones is that he opens his eyes before it’s too late and before his career is over. So here’s to Jones beating DC, beating Gus, and beating the disease of douchebaggery that he clearly suffers from.

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