The USADA Brazilian Wax

The USADA Brazilian Wax

In July of 2015 the UFC took a huge step towards mainstream sports legitimacy when they partnered with the USADA for drug testing of fighters. The USADA drug testing methods make it nearly impossible for any UFC fighter to use performance enhancing drugs under the radar. The new policies forever changed the landscape of the UFC. Since this time, it seems the USADA may have pissed in the cornflakes of many Brazilian stars (Lyoto Machida rejoice!).

Hop in the DeLorean bitches, were headed back to early 2015…

This is weird, Bruce Jenner still has a dick, girls are banging Charlie Sheen, and parents are letting kids eat Jell-O from Bill Cosby. Even more alarming is the fact Jose Aldo is an unbeatable champion, Anderson is #1 behind Weidman, RDA #1 behind Pettis, Barao #1 behind Dillashaw, Dos Santos #2, Jacare #2, Machida #3, and Belfort #4. The Brazilians were found all over the top 5 rankings until July 1, 2015 came, a day better know as “The Brazilian Wax”. After this date, the Brazilian mainstays were savagely stripped from the rankings, leaving only a little stubble behind. Since that day we have seen the following production:

Aldo: 1 win (DEC), 2 losses (KO, TKO)

Silva: 1 win (DEC), 2 losses (DEC), 1 positive drug test

RDA: 1 win (TKO), 2 losses (TKO, Decision)

Barao: 1 win (DEC), 2 losses (TKO, Decision)

Dos Santos: 1 win (DEC), 2 losses (TKO, TKO)

Jacare: 2 wins (TKO, SUB), 2 losses (DEC, TKO)

Machida: 1 loss (KO), 1 positive drug test

Belfort: 2 wins (KO, DEC), 2 losses (TKO, TKO), 1 NC (originally a TKO loss)

It is evident something changed for the Brazilian UFC powers since I came back to the future. It could very well be age, but many of them have been old for a long time now. It could also be the level of competition in the UFC is drastically improving year by year. There are many things it could be and the reality is we will never truly know, but to anyone watching at home these fighters do not look remotely close to how they did prior to the USADA. They will always be favorites of mine no matter what they did to gain stardom but I must call a spade a spade, there was most definitely something in that Brazilian water.

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