Who’s Next: J-Man vs. Randytron Edition

Who’s Next: J-Man vs. Randytron Edition

After what was a much more exciting card than the names on it would have lead you to believe, let’s recap who should be next for all the notable victors, and one notable loser.

Max Holloway

J-Man: As impressive as it was to watch Holloway take the best that Aldo had for two rounds (minus the leg kicks, ?), it was just as impressive to watch how well Max executed his gameplan. The best fight to see in this division would be Holloway vs. McGregor II, but since that scenario is extremely unlikely, it’s pretty obvious that Frankie Edgar is the next matchup for Holloway.

Randytron: Saturday was undoubtedly a great win for Max, but like much of the MMA world I’m still not sold. The fight I want, the fight I need, and the fight that must happen is Frankie Edgar.

Claudia Gadelha:

J-Man: Great win. Almost seemed too easy. A third fight with Joanna Champion is the only appealing matchup in this entire division. Sorry Rose!

Randytron: This is the best she has looked and against a dangerous, I think, Karolina Kowalkiewicz. Unfortunately she likely waits in limbo behind the less deserving Rose Namajunas for a title shot due to her track record against Joanna. Give her Tecia Torres so we can all get rich on the over.

Vitor Belfort

J-Man: Man, I never thought I’d say this but Vitor needs to go back to his roots. Vitor barely threw punches, or kicks, and I’m not sure I even saw one of his iconic blitz/flurries. Legends league for Vitor? Anderson Silva in a loser must retire match? I’ll go with Vitor vs. Anderson II in Brazil.

Randytron: The real answer is a luxurious condo on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro. Hang it up, get the TRT flowing, and crush ass 24/7. Unfortunately Vitor is delusional and has opted against retirement. The best option for Vitor is fellow Brazilian Thales Leites in a match where the only real loser will be the fans.

Paulo Borrachinha

J-Man: WOW! Everything about Paulo is WOW! His age, his physique, and his skill set are impressive. I think Paulo will be groomed slowly until the UFC thinks he’s ready for a top contender. Because of that, I think a logical next opponent is Tim Boetsch.

Randytron: This man is an absolute killer. Time to fight someone in the top 10. David Branch seems like a good name to put next on the hit list.

Yancy Medeiros

J-Man: Medeiros is on the cusp of taking it to the next level. He is also close to becoming a gatekeeper. His next fight will really tell the story. Thiago Alves has the name and a recent win. Perfect.

Randytron: Medeiros took care of business against Erick Silva’s glass chin and I am just as impressed as GSP was with Matt Hughes. Matt Brown seems like a good next step for Medeiros.

Raphael Assuncao

J-Man: Assuncao is extremely underrated. Beating a WSOF transfer with 0 UFC fights shows that the UFC also doesn’t think much of Assuncao. While it won’t happen, I think a rematch with TJ Dillashaw is fair for Assuncao. If he doesn’t get that, I would say Dominick Cruz fits the bill, with the winner getting a title shot.

Randytron: Great win for Assuncao over the favored WSOF superstar Marlon Moraes. For now, TJ and Cody are tied up and won’t be taking fights without a title involved. I also believe Assuncao needs another win to get that shot. A win over Dominick Cruz earns him just that. That fight seems like a no brainer.

Jose Aldo

J-Man: While Aldo has always faced the best opponents in the division, the aura that once followed Aldo into the cage has finally run out. Aldo is 1-2 in his last 3, with that 1 win coming over likely the next challenger for the 145 title. Given Aldo’s star power, and his now humanish status, it’s important that the UFC gives him a beatable opponent if they want him to stick around. I think Aldo should fight the winner of Renan Barao and Aljamain Sterling. This is of course is only if Aldo doesn’t retire and the UFC wants to keep him around.

Randytron: Aldo looked great early on, but I never trusted his cardio or gameplan. I would like to see him join a top camp if he is to continue on. His next fight is tough to make coming off a loss but still being very dangerous to up and comers. Cub Swanson wants a title shot but I feel he needs another win. If he doesn’t end up in a fight with Lamas then I think this makes sense. I am sure he would love another crack at Aldo.

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