Thank You Kimbo – From Dana White

Thank You Kimbo – From Dana White

Today (Editor’s note from Randytron: I was lazy, traveling, and slow to post aka a dick) is the one year anniversary of Kimbo Slice’s death. It is unknown whether Dana White ever formally thanked Kimbo, but if he hasn’t, today is the perfect opportunity to do that. Yes Dana you need to thank Kimbo Slice, maybe even acknowledge him with 1/10th the acknowledgement you give other pioneers of the sport. Since Dana isn’t likely to ever speak of Kimbo, I will. Thank you Kimbo! I will pour some of my ice water with lemon out in homage to you, once I find a sink or go outside.

Everyone knowns Kimbo’s story. He was the baddest motherfucker alive, making light duty of other bad motherfuckers. He went to your local hood, found your local bad mother fucker, and whooped his ass. Those asswhoopings apparently gave him the credibility needed to become an MMA star.  Being the baddest MFer alive allowed the youtube viewers to see exactly what happens to your local untrained bad motherfuker when they try to fight the best in the world.

If you’re anything like me, which is very likely given that I am as “regular” as they come, you talk to the TV, or your friends if you’re lucky enough, while you watch the fights. You judge the fighters. You say they suck. You call them pussies etc. You are so delusional that you pretend like you could last a second in the cage with professional fighters. This same diluted train of thought is why Kimbo Slice needs to be thanked for legitimizing the UFC.

When Seth Petruzelli beat Kimbo, and Roy Nelson’s fat ass suffocated him in the TUF house, it allowed the world to see that MMA fighters are professional athletes. They train a different way, they live a different way, and of course they fight a different way. Kimbo Slice gave us professional MMA writers the ammunition needed to explain why exactly MMA is a professional sport.

I don’t know what the documents say when New York legalized MMA. What I imagine them saying is that Kimbo Slice, the baddest motherfucker alive didn’t have great success in MMA and because of that, we can see that MMA is a professional sport and not one that should be attempted by your average Joe’s. Kimbo needs to be thanked for legalizing MMA in New York State.

So, thank you again Kimbo, for losing to Roy Nelson and Seth Petruzelli, and opening my eyes to the fact that I’m a big pussy that wouldn’t last a second in the cage.  

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