The Painful Truth: Michael Bisping is the Most Accomplished Mixed Martial Artist Ever

The Painful Truth: Michael Bisping is the Most Accomplished Mixed Martial Artist Ever

To my fearless followers I am many things. I am a MMA genius, a beautiful mind, a comedic genius, and a great looking human being. Along with these, I am nothing at all if not an honest blogger that will report the truth no matter how much it hurts. Time and time again I have been a Michael Bisping hater. His personality urks me, much like it urks every fighter who calls him out or discredits his accomplishments in MMA. The truth of the matter though is that Michael Bisping is the most accomplished Mixed Martial Artist in history thus far. Now before all of our subscribers write me off as a half retarded troll, hear me out. I did not say Bisping is the most talented fighter in history, although in reality he ranks very highly. I said he is the most accomplished, something very different.

From a fighting standpoint Michael Bisping has done it all. He is by far the best fighter from across the pond in history. He burst onto the scene winning The Ultimate Fighter Season 3 Light Heavyweight crown. After that he continued his winning ways amassing a 14-0 professional record before losing a very close decision to future LHW champion Rashad Evans. His fighting reputation suffered a slight blemish huge wound, when he was savagely KO’d by ageless freak of nature Dan Henderson at UFC 100. The ruthless MMA community wrote off Bisping’s talents after this loss when in reality this was a defining moment for him. That KO breaks most men, but the tough as nails Brit got right back into the cage as soon as he could to TKO the very dangerous Denis Kang. Bisping continued to face all challengers, and when your Michael Bisping that is a very dangerous list. Wandy, Sexyama, Sonnen, Stann, Belfort, Belcher, Kennedy, Le, Rockhold, and the Middleweight GOAT Anderson “the Spider” Silva. That list is a whos who of MMA stars and Bisping never once backed down. Finally with a little help from an injured Chris Weidman, Bisping received the chance to avenge his loss to then champion Luke Rockhold. He shocked the world as a massive underdog with a first round highlight reel KO, finally capturing the elusive middleweight crown. Add in avenging his haunting loss to Dan Henderson in a title defense where he showed true heart and determination and Bisping’s resume is that of a legend.

Bisping has used his hard work in the cage to set up success outside the cage as well. In a day and age where every fighter wants to complain about their pay, Bisping has used his intelligence to set up a career after his body can no longer compete. The fighter has now become a movie star with his role in the box office mega hit xXx: Return of Xander Cage and has also landed spots in various upcoming TV series. In addition to this, Bisping is frequently a Co-Host/Analyst on FS1’s UFC Tonight as well as other MMA based programming.

Michael Bisping’s accomplishments in the MMA world cannot be denied and are second to none in the grand scheme of the sport. He has reached the pinnacle of the fighting world and whether you think he will lose his next defense or not, he is currently the top middleweight in the world at 38 years of age. When the time comes that he hangs up his often bloodied gloves, he will continue to make a living using the sport he helped build to find new success. In the world of MMA as a business, Michael Bisping is the measuring stick.

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