Marijuana Ban

Marijuana Ban

209 Stand up! It’s time! It’s time for Nick and Nate to fight or ride off into a weed filled field and smoke themselves into oblivion. I have recently dabbled with reefer myself, so I know how enjoyable it can be. Thanks to Savage Kings (SHOUT OUT), I can get stoned on my back porch and think about those real life conundrums that really weigh on me. Most recently, I was puff, puff, passin my vapor weed and thinking to myself, will weed fuck up my career and eliminate my self awareness like it did to the Diaz bros?

Weed has fucked up both Nick and Nate’s careers. Not because Nick failed a drug test, and not because Nate got into some hot water for the THC oil he was smoking during the press conference after the McGregor fight. It has fucked up their careers because it made them delusional. Unfortunately for fight fans, both Nick and Nate have smoked so much reefer it caused them to believe that they are something they aren’t. Number 1 contenders or championship caliber fighters aren’t what either Diaz brother is right now.

Nate isn’t fighting for less than 20 million dollars, and Nick doesn’t seem to know how much money it would take to get him to fight. Two of the most exciting fighters on the roster, in their primes, won’t fight because they have no self awareness. Nate is 19-11! Nick is 26-9 with 9000 no contests, and has lost 2 of his last 3. Neither can really dictate who they should fight, but both are offered main events on a monthly basis and would be paid far more than they should be if they accepted a fight. The Diaz brothers have built a following, which they deserve credit for, but not fighting is slowly eliminating their fan base.

I for one am a fan, and as a fan I’m mad at them. As someone with an extremely high (ha) education in business, not fighting doesn’t make sense to me as a business decision either. I can’t wrap my head around why they won’t fight, and while I love the both of them I wish they would just go away if they aren’t going to fight. Before they do go away though, here is my one final plea.

Nick, please agree to a fight with Carlos Condit or the winner of Cerrone vs. Lawler. I would jump right back on the 209 bandwagon if you fought any of those guys. I’m a bit tired of seeing you in a cycling singlet anyway. Your destiny is to wear 4 oz. gloves, give the middle finger, and slap grown men in the octagon.

Nate, don’t wait for Conor! Fight Tony Ferguson. Then wait for Conor.

Fuck it, throw up the 209 and fight each other. I for one would give 20 million UFC dollars to watch Nick and Nate throw down in the cage and then smoke the vapor weed after. Please, get back in the Octagon and fight! For the love of god I need you in my life!

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