What if…McGregor vs. Mayweather…

What if…McGregor vs. Mayweather…

As I’ve said before, this is the first and last time I will be writing about Mayweather vs. McGregor.

The announcement of Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather broke the internet! To put that in perspective the last time the internet broke Bruce Jenner announced he was cutting his dick off in exchange for a better life. So, while my internet remains broken 4 days after the mega May vs. Mac fight was announced, let’s take a look at a few of the ways the fight could go, and how it will impact the UFC. We know that boxing is dead already, so the main focus should be on how this fight effects Conor Mcgregor and the UFC.

What if…McGregor wins?

If Conor McGregor in his prime beats the retired, over the hill Floyd Mayweather he will shock the world. Not only will the internet break again, but Conor will be the biggest star in the sporting world since MJ hung it up with the Wizards. If he wins it’s unlikely that Conor ever fights in the UFC again. While the win would be huge for Conor and the UFC, the UFC would lose its biggest star. Since they don’t have many mainstream stars right now, Conor winning could be the worst case scenario for the UFC.

What if…Mayweather wins?

If Floyd Mayweather wins nothing really changes with his legacy. Mayweather gets another 200 million dollar pay day, solidifies himself as an all time great, and goes back into retirement. Mayweather winning would further promote the theory that UFC fighters are street brawlers that can’t stand with any professional boxer. While Boxing is dead, Mayweather winning also may kill the UFC. Mayweather will have effectively ruined both Boxing, the UFC, and four women’s faces in a two year span.

What if…McGregor loses in impressive fashion?

Given the -1100 odds that Mayweather wins, I would say the world thinks McGregor has no shot. I happen to agree with the world, but what if Conor does what he always does and proves everyone wrong? Well, not so wrong that he wins the fight, but wrong enough to watch him put up a great fight and lose a close decision? This would legitimize Conor as a boxer, allow him to keep his megastar status, but force him to go back to the UFC.  Conor putting up a fight and losing is what’s best for Conor and the UFC.

What if…McGregor gets killed?

This is the worst result possible for all parties involved. Mcgregor will lose his status as untouchable, the UFC will lose some of the promotional power that their biggest star had, and boxing will again be glorified as the only real combat sport. If Mcgregor loses and looks bad doing so, he ruins everything!

What WILL happen?

Mayweather is going to win a boring, 8 round fight via Knockout. Conor is going to look out of his element and gas out. Conor will go back to the UFC, brag about how rich he is, and win a trilogy fight with Nate Diaz. He will then retire while never defending either his 145 or 155 pound title and solidifying himself as the most overrated UFC fighter of all time.

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