Scott Coker makes foolish headlines again…Go figure…

Scott Coker makes foolish headlines again…Go figure…

Everyday that Scott Coker remains President of Bellator MMA is a day that I am reminded anything is possible. It defies all logic that this attention seeking, sideshow creating moron is the leader of any MMA organization. Scott most recently made headlines in an interview with where he stated that he feared the Mayweather vs. McGregor superfight was putting Conor in “harm’s way”. Coker worried about the long term repercussions as a result of this fight.

Coker is the worst person in MMA. I am fine with someone working in the manner that he does, but not if they are going to be a hypocrite about it. Everything Mayweather vs. McGregor is being done for the cash, we get it. If anyone should understand, it should be Coker who makes a living promoting freak shows. Was anyone really wondering where the winner of the much advertised Shamrock vs. Gracie bout would end up in the landscape of MMA title contendership? Hell no, we wanted to watch two old guys fight, and we did. Conor is going to make huge money off this event, so don’t be worried about it hurting his brand as a Mixed Martial Artist. I am sure he will be fairly well off moving forward whether he ever steps in the Octagon again or not.

Let’s give Scotty some credit here though, maybe he is genuinely worried about Conor’s safety. A 0-0 Professional Boxer going against the best Boxer of this era in Floyd Mayweather. Add in the tragedy with Tim Hague this weekend and fighter safety is definitely an issue right now. Unfortunately this is Scott Coker we are talking about. The man who put a backyard brawler with a fake name, DaDa5000 up against a fighter who had stepped in the cage once in five years, Kimbo Slice. Hypocritical as can be once again Coker chased the dollars knowing MMA fans would tune in to watch. At no point did he worry both fighters could very well die in the cage. DaDa5000 almost did at the hospital that night and Kimbo passed soon after. It was obvious neither of these guys were fit to fight. In reality I wouldn’t be surprised if Coker sees McLovin and Screech in a cardio kickboxing class and sells them to us in a massive main event sometime in the near future.

Scott Coker is not worried about fighter image, pay, safety, or anything else for that matter. He is a garbage promoter, president, and hypocrite who only cares about making headlines no matter how foolish he sounds. Thanks Scott, for always giving us someone to make Dana White look a little better, and helping to reminds us anything is possible in life.

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