Blame USADA for Fat Johny Hendricks

Blame USADA for Fat Johny Hendricks

It’s Saturday before UFC Fight Night Oklahoma and that means the fighters were stepping on the scales to weigh in for their respective matchups. The only surprise of the morning was Jared Gordon missing weight, other than that everything went as expected. The other 24 fighters on the card made weight and Johny Hendricks once again was no where close to where he needed to be coming in 2 pounds heavier than the 186 pound Middleweight limit. No surprise there.

Johny Hendricks has disappointed fans eager to see him live up to his potential time and time again. I hate to make accusations about any fighter but I must call a spade a spade in this instance. Every time Hendricks came in overweight in the past it boggled my mind, until now. Hendricks is a highly decorated NCAA Division 1 wrestling champion who has likely been performing some type of weight cut since he was in his mid teens. Up until the last few years there had been no mention of Hendricks having any significant issues cutting down to the 170 pound Welterweight limit. It is easy to see how his recent struggles, especially at Middleweight, would confuse anyone in the MMA world. That is until we take a close look back at when these problems began. The catalyst of this issue is none other than our friends at USADA.

Since July 1, 2015 when the UFC partnered with USADA, Hendricks has been far from the title challenger he was in pushing GSP to the brink of defeat. Since that time Hendricks has now missed weight in 3 of his 5 fights and holds a 1-3 record in those fights. Most people think about Performance Enhancing Drugs and envision individuals trying to put on muscle mass such as Alistair Overeem and Vitor Belfort. The reality of the matter is PED’s are just as commonly used to cut weight. Johny has never been the most chiseled fighter, but he has looked extremely soft all over in recent bouts. It is undeniable that something is off with Johny Hendricks. Many think coming in overweight is due to adding too much substance to your body, but in this instance it is likely due to what he is no longer putting into it.

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