The Best of the Week in Twittersphere

The Best of the Week in Twittersphere

The Megaminds at White Belt Breakdown are essentially the New Kids on the Block, literally and figuratively. We are great looking males with above average dance moves who always seem to be fighting off groups of women attempting to rip our clothes off. We have also been officially contributing to MMA media for a little over a month now. In that short time it is undeniable J-Man and I have forever changed the landscape of the game. Our arrival is very much like that of Jon Jones, everyone expected greatness but not as quickly as we have achieved it. My favorite piece of our newfound home among the MMA elite is the Twittersphere. God I love twitter. The following I have started to grow, the haters, the trolls, the comedy, literally every piece of it I love. Due to this love, starting today I will provide a Monday morning recap of the White Belt Breakdown’s week in Twitter bests as well as a current P4P list of my top 5 Twitter Personalities.

Weekly Twitter Bests:

Jimmy Smith is a Multitasking Machine

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.02.27 PM

You have to appreciate a guy like Jimmy Smith. The fact he jumps on his twitter account mid broadcast to reinforce his job security is something I admire. I can barely walk and chew gum, this guy on the other hand can do it all.

MacMally (@MarcusMacCowan) gets real

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.05.11 PM

MacMally is typically looking for the comedic side of things in his tweets, but after Bellator NYC he couldn’t be more serious. Hit the nail on the head with these emotions.

The Spartan (@EliasTheodorou) goes deep, literally

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.05.45 PM

The most aggressive tweet of the week goes to TUF champion Elias Theodorou. I love when Pro’s take to the twittersphere and I love it more when they destroy trolls. The Spartan did just that disposing of this troll who later deleted his words like a bitch.

Fake Ragin’ Al (@IAQUINTAREALITY) is so realistic it’s mind boggling

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.04.02 PM

Real Al and I have a history, so when fake Al responded just as I envisioned the real one would it through me for a loop. Spot on parody account.

Top 5 P4P Twitter Personalities:

1. Al Iaquinta (@ALIAQUINTA)

Ragin’ Al is two things if nothing else: a talented professional fighter and a complete psychopath. Everything that comes out of Al’s mouth may not be the most intelligent but it sure is entertaining.

2. Big John McCarthy (@JohnMcCarthyMMA)

Big John is full of MMA knowledge and interacts with the fans on a regular basis answering questions in #AskBJM.


A parody account much like Ragin’ Al’s but instead mocking the biggest clown in MMA, Scott Coker. Entertainment factor goes a long way in my rankings.

4. Gundeathpunchface (@Gundeathpunch)

First off, does a name get more American than this? I don’t think so. Mr. Gundeathpunchface is always there to say the inappropriate comment that we are all thinking in our sick, sick minds.

5. MMA Profitcy (@MMAProfitcy)

A gambling based personality making this list is saying something. MMA Profitcy is not your typical SPAM everyone with ROI gambling profile. In addition to solid picks, MMA Profitcy also enjoys pointing out how USADA ruined all of our heros, a favorite pastime of mine.


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