Weekend Predictions: Bellator NYC and UFC OKC

Weekend Predictions: Bellator NYC and UFC OKC

Editor’s Note from Randytron: The following article by J-Man is obviously late. To those outside the loop of MMA elites, I regret to inform you J-Man was suspended with pay for the last weekend due to being a dickhead. He missed our scheduled Bellator NYC pre-show podcast because he decided to go do hoodrat things with his friend (singular on purpose). He returns to WBB action today, let’s see how his predictions worked out.

First, I would like to apologize to my loyal readers and followers for my lack of articles as of late. As discussed in the 2nd episode of the WBB podcast, there just aren’t many relevant things to talk about right now in the MMA world. After this weekend and leading up to the weekend of July 7th & 8th we should have plenty of material for articles. Here are my picks for the relevant fights on this weekend from Bellator and UFC.

Bellator New York PPV:

Sonnen vs. Silva

Me and the Axe murderer go way back. We’ve hung out on many occasions and because of that I am extremely tempted to pick him in this fight. While he has been inactive for quite some time, he has fought all of the greats and as recently as 7 years ago (ha!) he beat Michael Bisping. While I think Chael is just a mouth and has no legitimate skills left, I imagine he will grab Wandy’s leg and lay on him to win a unanimous decision. In typical Bellator fashion we get a boring fight.

Fedor vs. Mitrione

The Aura that Fedor once possessed is gone. He is no longer untouchable and doesn’t come into the ring with a mental advantage over his opponents like he did in his prime. Fedor’s size is a serious issue now too. Being small and fat for the division isn’t the advantage that it once was I guess. I got Mitrione winning this stand up slugfest by KO in round 1.

Douglas Lima vs. Lorenz Larkin

Ahhhhh, our first real fight of the main card. Lima is a great Bellator Champion and Larkin is a semi successful UFC transfer with recent wins over Jorge Masvidal and Neil Magny. To me, those two wins are more impressive than anything Douglas Lima has ever done. Larkin will be the new Bellator Welterweight champion after his TKO win in this one.

Michael Chandler vs. Brent Primus

Brent Primus doesn’t belong in the same cage as Michael Chandler. Chandler should make quick and easy work of Primus. 2nd round RNC seems like the logical choice for a Chandler win. Chandler needs to go to the UFC and fight some major talent after this one.

Phil Davis vs. Ryan Bader

Phil Davis is an elite MMA light heavyweight with impressive victories in both UFC and Bellator. He is 4-0 in his Bellator career. I expect Davis to avenge his boring loss to Bader in 2015 with a submission victory in this one. Phil Davis is going to own Bellator’s light heavyweight division for as long as he chooses.

UFC Fight Night:

Chiesa vs. Lee

Lee will win, by boring suffocation. He is too fast, strong, and smart (yes I said smart) for Chiesa. The most action from this fight has already happened at the press conference.

Boetsch vs. Hendricks

Hendricks’ time has come and gone. I expect Boetsch to make quick work of Hendricks with his pure power and cardiovascular endurance. 1st round TKO for the Barbarian in this one.

Herrig vs. Kish

It doesn’t matter what your name is.

Christensen vs. Reyes

Please see above.

Means vs. Garcia

Alex Garcia is scary, at least that’s how he looks in his UFC pictures. Tim Means on the other hand is a giant and he should win because of that. Means by a point punching decision.

Penn vs. Siver

Ughhhhhh…DENNIS SIVER is going to beat Bj Penn. Yes, you read that correctly. Aloha Bj Penn (I think that means goodbye in Hawaiian). Siver wins by KO round 1 in under 47 seconds.

Guida vs. Koch

This could be a loser gets cut fight. I love the way Clay fights. He’s a spaz and I enjoy watching spazzes spaz. Clay wins a decision by bobbing and weaving for 15 straight minutes.

You’re welcome for the picks.  Please stay tuned for post fight breakdown articles.

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