As we legitimize ourselves in being the go to MMA site across all nations, we need to make sure we touch on all topics that are important and newsworthy within the MMA community. I am honestly a bit disappointed in myself and @Randytron for letting precious time pass before we spoke about what is likely a question that the entire MMA would has had since Sunday. That question…How does someone possibly shit themselves during an MMA fight?

In Justine Kish’s words #shithappens. For that matter, I totally, one thousand percent, agree with her. For anyone that knows me, you know that I have fallen victim to #shithappens quite a few times in my life. One traumatic story that sticks out is when I was just a young lad. I was riding my bike home and I couldn’t stop the shit from leaking out. Immediately I was covered in diarrhea all the way down my legs. First, I thought to myself #shithappens, but then I realized that I would never ever have a girlfriend if anyone found out that I shit myself. So, long story short I immediately found a puddle and rolled in it and then rolled in some dirt. When I got home I told everyone that I fell off my bike and doused myself in bleach. I was ashamed then, but now I feel like I would have embraced shitting myself.

The moral of the story you ask? I am with Justine on this one. #Shithappens man. Sometimes you have to shit, big fucking deal. If this was a man shitting no one would have said a word.

Just be careful the next time someone asks you “what would you do if Anthony Johnson wanted to fight you” and you answer “I would shit myself”. Justine Kish would be the first to tell you that is very possible.

I for one want to support Justine Kish, and I personally hope she embraces #Shithappens with a potential sponsorship deal or a new finishing submission. I can see it now, Kish wins by stoppage due to #Shithappens.

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