Cyborg Nevermore

Cyborg Nevermore

We’ve made it pretty clear here at WBB that we don’t necessarily enjoy watching Women’s MMA. We respect women and their skillset, but there’s something to be said about the lack of knockouts and the overall sloppiness of most women’s fights. I say most, because while there are a few women fighters that don’t fall into this category, I want to talk about one in particular. That woman is Cristiane Justino aka Cris Cyborg.

Cyborg is a legitimate MMA talent that would be one of the only female fighters with a very real chance of beating a male fighter. If she could get down to 135 I would give her +200 odds against some of the ranked men (I’m looking at you Brian Caraway). So, the UFC finally makes a division for Cyborg to fight in with the expectation of her becoming the face of Women’s MMA.

What happens next you ask? Well, no one with more than 3 brain cells is willing to fight Cyborg. Megan Anderson was going to save us! She was going to take down the Cyborg, or at least put her face in front of Cyborgs fists. Not so fast! She realized what would happen if she stepped foot into a closed cage with Cyborg, so she decided better. Welp, there goes Cyborg and the 145 pound UFC Women’s Division.

Without Cyborg Women’s MMA in its entirety is on life support. Joanna Champion and Amanda Nunes will try to resuscitate it, Ronda may come back and get her face smashed in for one more fight, but that’s about the size of it.

So, before the 145 pound division even started, it essentially ended. Thanks to Cyborg we may finally get our wish of not having women’s fights in general, or at least not as main events.

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