Mr. Merica – MMA Edition

Mr. Merica – MMA Edition

FREEDOM! MERICA FUCK YEA! It’s Independence day for our beloved United States of America. Budweisers, freedom fries, and cornhole a plenty. This week is an excuse for all American’s to do dumbshit while screaming “MERICA” and get away with it. This is also a great time to appoint a fighter that encompasses all these things, but also has a skillset to back it up. Since Chuck Liddell is retired, and Stone Cold Steve Austin never made the transition to MMA, we are left to choose from active fighters with a legitimate record.

I ask all of our loyal readers to vote for the fighter that you vote for Mr. Merica. I’ve offered a few helpful suggestions, but feel free to write in your own. Remember, they must be American, an upper echelon fighter, and be active.

Jon “Bones” Jones

I mentioned earlier that the fighters must have legitimate records. Well, Jon has a great record inside the cage and a lengthy record outside of the cage. Jon Jones can whoop ass, snort a line of coke off of ass, and he’s kind of a smart ass. That’s American AF to me.

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone

I mean other than not winning big fights, Donald Cerrone is everything I expect from Mr. Merica. He drinks Budweiser’s for fuck sake! He also crushes life, and overall is just an American Bad Ass.

Nate and Nick Diaz

While we don’t look at the Diaz brothers as Mr. Merica in the traditional sense there is a likelihood that they’ve been on America’s Most wanted. That fame and their overall IDGAF attitude, while smoking the most weed in sight feels really american to me. Spoiler alert, you know who has my vote. 209!

“Super” Sage Northcutt

In my mind, Sage is what the rest of the world thinks America is. He’s good looking, goofy, dumb as rocks, and an awful BJJ practitioner. I forgot the criteria was you must be an upper echelon fighter, Sage is disqualified from being Mr. Merica because he sucks at fighting.

“Ragin” Al Iaquinta

A list without Al on WBB is no list at all. Al is so American it hurts. New York accent, psychotic attitude, thinks everything should be handed to him, and unwilling to put his time in to reach the top. Al is a sleeper for Mr. Merica in my opinion.

So, cast your vote and tune in to WBB Episode 3 for the announcement of WBB’s first Mr. Merica. Don’t forget to drink beers, smoke weed, blow cocaine, be American this week!


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