Recap and Winner of MayMac World Tour: Los Angeles

Recap and Winner of MayMac World Tour: Los Angeles

The madness is beginning, and it’s sucking us in! #MayMac press conferences have begun and it’s only fair that WBB gives our thoughts on it. There were a few great lines, one questionable troll worthy line, and an extremely odd format. Let’s quickly run through some of the highlights and lowlights, and rank the performances.


Conor’s “Fuck You” suit was such a solid play. I mean it summed up his feelings towards all of the doubters, while also promoting the confidence that he has in this fight. It was probably the only highlight he had in this one.

Mayweather’s performance in general. He controlled the crowd, he had great lines, and because of the format he was given an opportunity to think before he spoke. I think it’s safe to say that in a back and forth format Mayweather won’t fair well, but in one that allows him to go at his own pace he clearly knows what he’s doing.


What the fuck was up with the format? Stand up comedy routine? 5 minutes open mic? It was like a best man speech, without the bride and groom present. I thought Mayweather made the most of the format, but holy shit if it didn’t have it’s awkward moments.

“Dance for me Boy”. Probably not the best usage of words by McGregor. I personally don’t think he meant anything by it, but man has it provided trolls with some ammunition. I have a feeling an apology will be coming from the McGregor camp.


Other than the suit that McGregor was wearing, he was overmatched in this one. Everything McGregor is accustomed to saying doesn’t work in this matchup. Mayweather makes more money, has more money, is the A side, is the favorite in the fight, has carried boxing for quite some time, and has been an international superstar for quite sometime. This is the exact same thing Conor is to the UFC, but it doesn’t translate in this one. I’m not exactly sure how many press conferences there are, but in this format Mayweather is going to go undefeated. “On August 26th I’m going to knock this bitch out too” was the KO punch by Mayweather in this one.

Prediction for 7.12.2017 Presser

This one’s in Canada so McGregor may have the international fanbase support. Canada is also a solid MMA fanbase so he will have the crowd for that too. The real question is what will the format be? In any case, I don’t see Mayweather engaging in a back and forth. I imagine McGregor will try to bait him in, but it is likely only going to make McGregor look like he’s trying too hard to be the bad guy. I got Mayweather by unanimous decision in this one.

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