Recap and Winner of MayMac World Tour: Toronto

Recap and Winner of MayMac World Tour: Toronto

Press conference #2 for #MayMac came and went yesterday and man what a spectacle it was. The performances prior to the press conference almost outshined the main attraction. As promised WBB will give a breakdown of highlights, lowlights, and the winner of each press conference. This one, as you might imagine was tougher to score.


Conor McGregor Checking the duffle bag, pulling out 5 grand, and then asking Mayweather why he had a book bag if he couldn’t read was a mic drop line. If Conor had stopped there it would have been plenty, but we are talking about Conor McGregor so of course he didn’t. He was obviously more prepared and comfortable in this one. His fans were definitely louder and more supportive than Floyd’s. He had many more great lines, but I think this was his best of the night.

Floyd Mayweather using Dana White as a prop to point out that the two richest men on the stage weren’t wearing suits was solid. Also, Mayweather calling Dana, “McGregor’s boss” was another great line. Floyd calling McGregor a quitter and tapping on the mic stand also opened some eyes to the fact that McGregor has tapped a few times in his career. The fact of the matter is that Floyd will continue to go to the well, and the water will still be there for him. Money, McGregor quitting, and being an employee of Dana White’s are all things Floyd will continue to say.


The format is still strange to me. McGregor killed it, but it is turning more into a roast than it is a press conference. The fan in me loves it, but the journalist in me wants to know just exactly what each fighter is thinking as far as fight strategy, how it will play out, etc. The 10 minute stand up routine for each of them doesn’t allow this.

Conor McGregor’s line about “50 stripper bitches” was gold, but then he compared it to Rob Kardashian only having 1 stripper bitch. That for me turned this semi entertaining fiasco into a circus. I thought it made McGregor look like he was again trying to hard.

Floyd Mayweather telling Conor that he was saving his talk about women for the last press conference was weak. It was childish and made him seem like he was holding back. These press conference tickets cost money, I’m sure fans in Canada would like to hear what’s on his mind about everything.


Initially and surprisingly I was going to award Mayweather the victory in this one, albeit by split decision, but then I re-watched it. After re-watching it I am calling this one a draw. Yes, Conor had plenty of great lines, but he comes off as insincere and trying too hard. I am just short of calling him a clown, but if he continues down this path that’s what he will be. Mayweather on the other hand seems very matter of fact to me. He calls Conor a bitch and means it, he makes it known that he has substantially more money than Conor and it’s true, he calls Conor a quitter because in fact he has quit in fights before. Mayweather to me seems more seasoned and ready for events like this.

For those of you keeping score at home WBB has 1-0-1 for Mayweather. Next stop, Brooklyn!

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