Recap and Winner of MayMac World Tour: Brooklyn

Recap and Winner of MayMac World Tour: Brooklyn

Hole – E – Shit. That was awkward, cringe-worthy, strange, embarrassing, goofy, etc. This recap is going to be short, and that is only because I want this to go away as quickly as possible


Conor McGregor: Not applicable. He didn’t do or say anything that made him look good or Mayweather look bad. I’d be surprised if he shows up in London. In a word, embarrassing.

Floyd Mayweather: He went back to the well and it still worked. He used all of the same material he has in the past, but this time man oh man did he have some great ones. Throwing money at Conor who was half naked and calling him a hoe, UNBELIEVABLE. Telling his goon squad to “voltron” and surround Conor, again it’s so Mayweather and so good. Re-affirming that Dana White is pimping Conor out was great. The pinnacle in this one for Mayweather was making sure everyone knows Conor tapped 3 times and having music to back it up! Oh, and let’s not forget that he was recording McGregor as if McGregor was a circus freak.


Everything Conor tried, said, and did was a lowlight. Man, that was tough to watch. I’m not sure if his denial of being racist was helpful or hurtful, but someone should have told him not to go there. Bad night for Conor.

The format is still a setup for failure for both fighters. There’s only one more press conference so I doubt the format changes, but the stand up routine from both fighters just isn’t doing it for me. I think I’m in the majority when I say I’m actually interested in hearing both fighters talk about the fight or at least answering some noteworthy questions.


I have the press tour being 1-0-1 for Mayweather prior to Brooklyn. After this one I have it 2-0-1 for Mayweather. This means Mayweather won the #MAYMAC world tour no matter what happens in London, if Conor actually shows up in London. This was a first round knockout by Mayweather with a late stoppage by Mario Yamasaki. What a catastrophe!

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