It’s Official, the UFC is DOOMED

It’s Official, the UFC is DOOMED

Oh shit, everyone go to your refrigerator calendar and circle today’s date. Today is the day that the UFC has finally lost its monopolization on the MMA industry. The UFC’s most notable division, that of the fat guys, has a big problem. Mucho Problemo as we here at WBB say it.

Stipe Miocic the reigning, defending, undisputed, UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World (Bruce Buffer voice) has informed the UFC that he won’t fight Cain Velasquez until he can negotiate a new contract. In my mind, that means Stipe Miocic will be a free agent within the next few months and Cain will fight Overeem for vacant Heavyweight belt as soon as Stipe leaves. As a reminder, just remember what I say comes true more often than not.

Dana White and the UFC’s recent track record of retaining free agents isn’t very good. There have been a few notable UFC fighters that have gone on record saying they will explore free agency and more recently a few big names that have followed through and actually left the UFC.

The saving grace for the UFC here is that Bellator’s heavyweight division sucks. I mean it doesn’t have a champion so I’m not even sure if we are even allowed to call it a division. So, even if Stipe stays in the UFC as a disgruntled Heavyweight Champion, that’s bad, real bad, for the UFC. I look at this as karma for how Dana and the UFC treat their fighters.

When Stipe leaves the UFC for Bellator it will be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back. The floodgates will open and fighters will migrate to Bellator. We will soon be able to watch fighters that we have come to know and love on Friday nights, for free, with my Twitter friend Mike Goldberg giving us the commentary. Adios UFC…Hola Bellator.