And He’s Back in the UFC!

And He’s Back in the UFC!

It’s like the second I take my hands off of the keyboard after dropping knowledge about how size doesn’t matter that God looks down and agrees with my point. My loyal followers have probably come to expect two things from me. One is my twisted brain providing great insight into MMA and the other is everything I say is fact based and true. In this case it’s no different.

To prove that size doesn’t matter let’s take a second to WELCOME BACK BROCK LESNAR! You heard that correctly, Brock has re-entered the USADA drug testing protocol and since the WWE doesn’t care what kind of sauce you put on your pasta, this can only mean that Lesnar is returning to the UFC. The biggest fighter both in physical size and popularity that the UFC has ever had prior to Conor McGregor is making his return. Let the celebration begin while Mark Hunt’s fury reaches an all time high.

I can’t wait to find out who Lesnar is matched up with, and which event’s undercard he will be scheduled to fight on. I’m also happy for whichever up and coming Heavyweight that is matched up with Lesnar for his return bout. A win over Lesnar is a feather in the cap for any fighter just from the popularity perspective.

Brock Lesnar is 5-3-1 and has had the benefit of a very patient referee with his win against Shane Carwin (Author’s Note: This would make him 4-4-1 in my mind, which should prove that he has no business coming back). Other than being a Mega-star, Brock doesn’t have much impact on the UFC as far as coming in and winning a championship. Brock returning and hopefully getting his ass kicked should be fun to watch though. Just seeing a man of his size and strength curling up in a ball after getting uberknee’d in the chest by Overeem will forever make me smile.

So, here’s to the most overrated UFC Heavyweight of all time coming back and performing so well that he makes a run at the title (that’s sarcasm!). I for one hope he’s worked on his pain tolerance and right hook.