DraftKings Winners for UFC Long Island

DraftKings Winners for UFC Long Island

Another weekend of UFC action means another chance at riches courtesy of DraftKings MMA. The following lineups are guaranteed to earn money, the only question is how much.

Tournament Lineup

I love tournaments because they allow me to fantasize about having enough money to fire J-Man and hire a B-Side at WBB rather than a D-Side. The problem with tourneys is a good lineup is not enough to win. Big money payouts attract huge numbers of participants. A line up must be extraordinary to win. With that said, these are the lineups to take a few high risk, high reward, fighters in.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 1.00.09 PM

Quick Analysis

Burgos, Good, Kennedy, and Wade are all fairly heavy favorites that should be able to cash in on points from a victory. Vera is a guy I can see pulling off an upset against overrated Brian Kelleher and came at a tremendous value if he does so. Lastly, I have been very vocal about how confident I am in Chris Weidman winning this fight. On top of that, I predict a stoppage victory from the GOAT killer.

Head to Head Lineup

Head to Head victories pay for my tournament aspirations. Sometimes I feel it is unfair to match up someone with my superpowers versus a mere mortal, but I don’t make the rules I just play by them. In a head to head matchup, I try to minimize risk knowing a decent performance with a solid number of wins will likely bring home the cake.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 1.07.06 PM

Quick Analysis

Burgos (-580), Johnson (-245), LaFlare (-175), and Sherman (-240) are all fairly heavy favorite a.k.a. safe plays. Even in a loss, I cannot see any world that Burgos, Johnson, and LaFlare don’t go the distance in. I am very high on WBB’s BFFL Chase Sherman, but any Heavyweight bout has knockout potential. Still, I am very confident he gets the job done. Cummins is a slight dog who I like for the upset as well as many point scoring takedowns and transitions. Lastly, just as in my tournament lineup, Vera is an economically sound option that offers tremendous upside.

There you have it, more charity from your boy Randytron here at White Belt Breakdown.