UFC on Fox Grades and Matches to Make

UFC on Fox Grades and Matches to Make

Since UFC 214 week is finally upon us, it’s important that we recap UFC on Fox: Weidman vs. Gastelum on July 22nd and give credit to those that deserve it before focusing our attention elsewhere. As always a breakdown with a report card and next opponents for the fighters that are worth mentioning. Those that don’t make the list, sorry but you’re just not at the give a shit level yet. Keep winning and you will get there.

Chris Weidman: C-

The fact of the matter is that Gastelum had no business being in the same cage as Weidman. The size difference was pretty incredible. Weidman did what he had to do to win, but he got dropped at the end of round 1, lost most of the exchanges on the feet, and had difficulty keeping a very undersized Gastelum on the matt. He won though, which is the name of the game.

Next Opponent: Rematch with Gegard Mousasi Weidman jumps right back to the top of a shitty middleweight division. Jacare Souza makes sense.

Darren Elkins: A+

Elkins is just a grinder man. He moved forward the entire fight until he could get a hold of Bermudez and once he did he controlled him. He is just such a tough dude and he’s exciting to watch.

Next Opponent: Chan Sung Jung seems right.

Kelvin Gastelum: B

He lasted 3 rounds, got up almost immediately from most of Weidman’s takedowns, dropped Weidman, showed his explosive hands, but was just too small in this one. Gastelum needs to get his weight issues under control so he can fight at Welterweight.

Next Opponent: Jorge Masvidal or the loser of Lawler vs. Cerrone. If he misses weight he should be cut.

Patrick Cummins: D-

He won a very controversial decision over a very mediocre fighter. Both fighters gas tanks were shot about 3 minutes into this fight. Cummins should just be glad that Stockton rules don’t apply because if so, he would of lost unanimously.

Next Opponent: Another bad division that is extremely top heavy. I’d take Cummins vs. OSP I suppose.

Jimmie Rivera: A+

Jimmie Rivera lost his second career pro fight, and now has ripped off 20 in a row. Rivera should get a title shot, but he doesn’t have the name for that yet. Fighting a notable top 5 fighter will give him the recognition he needs to get the title shot he deserves.

Next Opponent: Dominick Cruz

Chase Sherman: A++++++

It wouldn’t be appropriate to leave the Vanilla Gorilla off of this list. It’s likely that this is the first A+ Chase has ever received, but he deserves it. Chase did what he needed to do in this one. The fact that he didn’t get mic time is disappointing and gets the UFC an F grade for this entire event. I felt a WBB shoutout coming if he had mic time.

Next Opponent: Chase is young enough where he can jump a few fighters in the top 15 and go right to the top 10. He probably actually deserves a “real name” after winning two short notice fights. A fight with Derrick Lewis allows Chase to get a victory over a well known name, or gets Lewis out of the doghouse for fake retiring if Lewis wins. Most importantly though this fight would be another battle of great nicknames. The Vanilla Gorilla can keep collecting the heads of those with great nicknames. The Black Beast could be next.

Overall the past two weeks have satisfied my MMA appetite, but left me enough room for the main dish which happens on July 29th. Look for some heavy breakdown on the WBB podcast and website everyday leading up to the best card in UFC History!