UFC 214 Prelims Prediction: Aljamain Sterling vs. Renan Barao

UFC 214 Prelims Prediction: Aljamain Sterling vs. Renan Barao

UFC 214 is so stacked that I have to work overtime for the first time in my life. This overtime though is something that I’m actually excited for. The #MayMac World Tour in my opinion has helped the MMA heads of the world. UFC 214 doesn’t have the steam it should thanks to #MayMac, but that let’s us focus on the fights at hand. We don’t have to listen to people talk about Jones vs. Cormier, the return of Cyborg, or bitch about how Woodley vs. Maia will be so boring (which I disagree with) as if they actually care about the results.

Rather than write a prediction and overall analysis article on each fight like the rest of the world is doing, I think it’s more important to talk about what is actually exciting me about this card. Of course the insane main card, minus the Cyborg fight, should be awesome but what about the stacked undercard? Take a look at it, it’s a really good undercard!

I’ve convinced myself that I’m most excited for the Renan Barao vs. Aljamain Sterling matchup. This fight is such a great matchup. Stylistically it’s perfect, the fighters themselves are well known, and the implications for the winner are huge. This fight has such high stakes, I honestly think the winner of this fight could be in line for a number 1 contender fight.

People forget how good Renan Barao was before TJ Dillashaw pulverized him twice and Jeremy Stephens beat him. The guy fell in a bathtub cutting weight after losing and immediately was disregarded as a top fighter. He is also a shoe in for putting on a great performance and likely winning a bonus. I honestly have never watched a fight he’s been involved in and not enjoyed it.

Accompany the fact that I think Renan Barao is going to run right through Aljamain Sterling with how much dislike I have for Sterling and I immediately go from six to midnight. Sterling is a big mouth loser who has lost to the only two decent fighters he’s faced. I can’t wait to watch Barao dismantle him and make his climb back to the top of the P4P list.

Prediction: Renan Barao via TKO or Sterling tapping due to strikes in the second round.