UFC 214 Recap, Grades, and Matchmaking

UFC 214 Recap, Grades, and Matchmaking

Damn, it’s taken me this long to recover from UFC 214. I don’t know if I was exhausted from the lead up, the fights themselves, or a culmination of both. I’m just glad that the event went down and now we can talk about what’s next for each fighter. Going 5-2 in my predictions also helps justify my status as a true MMA Megamind.

Jon Jones: A-

The only reason for the A- grade instead of the A+ that he deserves is because of his stupid call out of Brock Lesnar. He did everything right during this fight, including his first post fight speech. Then he grabbed the mic again like a moron and challenged Brock Lesnar. Jones is the #GOAT, but everyone knows Gus II is the next logical fight.

Next Fight: Jones vs. Gustaffson II. Give the real fans what they want!

Daniel Cormier: A

Everyone seems to forget that DC is a great fighter that beats everyone but Jon Jones. Losing to Jones after 2.5 great rounds is nothing to be ashamed of. DC has probably given Jones 7.5 of the toughest rounds he’s had in his career.

Next Fight: Retirement.

Tyron Woodley: F

I’m trying not to blame Tyron for being so damn boring, but he knew Maia couldn’t take him down and he hurt Maia a few times with strikes, but still didn’t pull the trigger. It really puts into perspective the fact that Woodley would rather not lose the fight, than actually win it. Although a win’s a win I suppose.

Next Fight: Robbie Lawler II. This is one of the few fights involving Woodley that would be a main card fight in my opinion.

Demian Maia: C

Maia tried man. He tried like hell. Showed great heart doing it too. He got hit with a few big shots and had absolutely no success with his takedowns but he still sure as hell tried. A for effort, F for execution.

Next Fight: Colby Covington.

Cris Cyborg: F

I was going to try to pull this article off without talking about this fight, but I couldn’t resist trashing Cyborg. I’m convinced she allowed this fight to go 3 rounds only because she wanted the air time. She could have ended this fight any time she wanted to.

Next Fight: who cares, she’s going to win it.

Robbie Lawler: A-

The fact of the matter is Lawler traded punches, kicks, and pushed forward against one of the most dangerous strikers in all of MMA. He essentially fought Cerrone’s fight and still managed to beat him. You could tell he had Matt Hughes on his mind and possibly some ring rust (even though it’s fake).

Next Fight: Tyron Woodley – And newwww!

Donald Cerrone: B

Everyone gives Cerrone shit for not winning the big fights. In this case I give him a pass. He weathered the storm and had some great moments during this fight. He was also able to absorb some huge shots from Lawler without ever being in real danger. I give Cerrone credit for sticking to his guns and throwing down like he said he would.

Next Fight: RDA II

Jimi Manuwa: F-

Not much to say. Manuwa seems to be a striker that can’t take a punch. Bad combination.

Next Fight: Not David Hayes that’s for sure. Patrick Cummins

Volkan Oezdemir: B

I know it’s not Oezdemir’s fault, but this fight didn’t do anything for me. I never thought much of Manuwa so a win over him shouldn’t mean much.

Next Fight: Shogun if Shogun beats OSP. Glover Teixeira if not.

Quick Grades for the remaining fighters that matter to me:

Ricardo Lamas: A

Man, what a beatdown he gave Knight.

Next: Jose Aldo Jr.

Aljamain Sterling: D

Boring ass fight, but he won.

Next: John Lineker

Brian Ortega: A+

What a great fight & an even better performance.

Next: Yair Rodriguez

Renato Moicano: A-

He gets credit for being 50% of this great fight.

Next: Renan Barao