White Belt Breakdown Retirement Party: Rashad Evans

White Belt Breakdown Retirement Party: Rashad Evans

Well, as we all know one of my favorite past times is to retire fighters. Sometimes I’m sad, sometimes I’m happy, but most times I’m an emotionless zombie just out for the betterment of WBB. In this case though, I’m a bit sad and happy. I’m sad that I have to retire one of the first fighters that I considered to be a favorite. I’m also happy that I don’t have to fall asleep during his fights anymore as I’ve become accustomed to doing over his past 7 fights or so.

I wish “Suga” Rashad Evan’s the best of luck in his retirement or at least his next chapter in Bellator.

It happens to every fighter. Father time comes knocking at some point or another. Some fighters are able to resist the urge and not fall off the cliff (Anderson Silva), while others answer the door and immediately jump right off that cliff (Chuck Liddell). Rashad has done everything he possibly can to not jump off the cliff, unfortunately over the last few years and particularly his last 4 fights we watched as he slid slowly down the hill until he reached the bottom. In my opinion it’s all Jon Jones fault for stealing his camp and repeatedly giving him a dose of the most vicious short elbows I’ve ever seen, but I’ll use any excuse to blame JBJ.

Rashad Evans was a new breed of fighter when he made his rise between the TUF house in 2005 to his loss to Jones in 2012. Over that 7 year span he was 17-1-1. He was a mix of explosive striking and elite wrestling. This combination gave him victories over the best of the best at light heavyweight including Griffin, Liddell, Rampage, Tito, and Phil Davis. So what do we make of Rashad’s career?

In my opinion Rashad is a sure thing for the UFC Hall of Fame. Given that the UFC Hall of Fame is a bit goofy right now and doesn’t really mean anything I’m going to go a step further. Rashad Evans was the best LHW during 2005-2012 and is the second best LHW of all time. Seven years isn’t the longest career, but what he got accomplished during that time is pretty impressive.

Unfortunately for Suga the last the last 5 years haven’t been great, but let’s not forgot just how great Evans was.