The UFC Mexico Tree Falls in the Woods

The UFC Mexico Tree Falls in the Woods

If a fighter gets finished in the first round and nobody hears it did it actually happen? What about if that same thing happens seven times on 1 fight card? This is exactly what happened during the 12 fight card in Mexico on Saturday, August 5th. SEVEN first round finishes that nobody saw so they didn’t technically happen. We don’t get seven finishes on most cards in general, but 7 in the first round?

UFC Mexico sums up the main problem I have with the UFC. It’s like UFC 214 and UFC 215 are so good that there is no way to sustain the caliber of fights that are booked on those cards. Why not just space the fights out more and stack the cards a little heavier? The UFC Mexico fights can be mixed in with solid PPV cards, the roster can be trimmed if needed, or the UFC can have a minor league. It’s like Dana White and the UFC are so hungry to monopolize MMA that they would rather have great cards mixed with awful cards instead of consistently having solid cards.

I’m certain that none of the fights on UFC Mexico would be a main card fight on a decent PPV. I’m not trying to take anything away from any of these fights, but this was an unwatchable card. My guess, even the “hardcore” MMA fans struggled with tuning in for Randa Markos vs. Alexa Grasso and Pettis vs. Moreno as the main attractions of the night.

Our parents, those that instilled wisdom on us, should have done the same for the UFC. If the UFC doesn’t have anything nice to say then they shouldn’t say anything at all. This is the same sentiment for fight cards. If you don’t have a good card to put on, don’t put on a card at all. I’ll pay a few bucks for great PPV cards like UFC 214 and UFC 215 consistently, but I won’t pay for middle of the road PPV’s and on top of that I won’t watch cards like Mexico City.

For the first time ever the UFC is plateauing in popularity and finally starting to lose viewers. Maybe this just comes with the territory of a company that has been around for 20+ years or maybe it’s because IMG has no idea what they are doing. Whichever the case, UFC Mexico City did nothing to help the UFC with it’s popularity.