Immediate Reaction: Jon Jones Tests Positive Post UFC 214

Immediate Reaction: Jon Jones Tests Positive Post UFC 214

Wednesdays suck, plain and simple. They don’t suck in the way that Monday sucks, but ever since that Geico “Hump Day” commercial with the annoying camel aired they have been a close second. Even years after it has left the networks (although I’m sure BT Sports still shows it) there are still those handful of people desperate to be funny in the workplace who reference it.

This Wednesday sucks more than ever. I wake up feeling similar to how I felt when I went to bed last night. A stomach burning from too much Mexican food and a complete sense of disbelief regarding Jon Jones.

I am not sure why the Jon Jones news affects me so much. I first met Jon Jones at a WCF event in Wilmington, Massachusetts right after he signed on to fight Jake O’Brien at UFC 100. My friends and I had the chance to meet and greet him for a few minutes. He was a very humble guy who was extremely excited, or so it seemed, to have another chance at showcasing his skills on the big stage. From there, the love hate relationship began. Jones began to turn into an arrogant fighter that was annihilating everyone presented in front of him. He was disposing of fighters who carried themselves like true professionals. The pain I felt for the Vladimir Matyushenko, the man with the P4P best nickname all time, “The Janitor”, was second to none. I still don’t understand why the UFC had to force such a nice guy into so much pain.

Soon after this I watched Jones in Newark, New Jersey at UFC 128. My friends and I turned the title weekend into an absolute rager, spending our time in pre Hurricane Sandy Atlantic City and having the time of our lives. On the ride back to Massachusetts after the fight, I am confident we were all in far worse shape than Shogun was. As we know, Jones punished Shogun like no one had before and shattered the feelings of nostalgia we had with Shogun as Champ. For the next few years, I couldn’t stand Jones. He was an example of a man with endless talent, who couldn’t get out of his own way.

This continued on while I went through my life only 2 years the elder (Goldie voice, always) of Jones. As I went through my mid 20’s I realized something that brought me back to Jones fan-ship. I made many mistakes, and could only imagine how many more I may have potentially made if given fame and money while sitting under a social microscope. I gave Jones the benefit of the doubt. I liked him even more when it finally seemed he was owning his issues leading into his UFC 214 match-up with Cormier.

I was wrong, like so many others I was deceived. Jones’s actions were in reality far from ownership, they were a way out. His insecurities are so severe that he made sure to leave himself an out when saying he would do his best to clean up. He said, in the end you never know because he is a “wild” guy. “Wild” to Jon Jones means “foolish” to the rest of the world. I feel bad for Jon Jones in the fact his insecurities are so real that they consume him the same way Jones consumes Daniel Cormier’s mind. He needs substances to interact socially, because he’s insecure. He needs dick pills to crush ass, because he’s insecure. Lastly, he needs steroids to perform in the cage, because he’s insecure. I can no longer defend Jon Jones’s because to me it is evident he is so scared of failure he cannot trust himself to succeed naturally.

Everyone with a set of eyes and an associated brain knows Jon Jones is the most talented athlete MMA has ever seen. The only person that can’t handle this is Jon Jones himself. No matter what comes out of this story in the days to come, one thing is certain. Jon Jones’s brain will never allow him to flourish in any aspect of life without a substance to put his mind at ease. I never thought I would say this, but I never want to see Jon Jones fight again. He is a disgrace to a beautiful sport.