The Call for Robbie Fox’s Immediate Termination from MMA at Barstool Sports

The Call for Robbie Fox’s Immediate Termination from MMA at Barstool Sports

I would like to preface this skillfully written Editorial (I think it’s an editorial?) by noting that I am not one to take a shot at other MMA Journalists. I have said on record multiple times that any mainstream MMA coverage is good for the sport. Today, I take a stance that unfortunately goes against my beliefs. This is the week leading up to an event I never actually thought would happen in Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor. While scrolling through the Twittersphere I saw that MMAJunkie Radio was going live on Sirius XM. I decided this was the time to test out a free trial beyond the Sirius XM 1 that plays ads over and over when I am driving through areas with no reception. Once I completed the application process, I clicked the link but MMAJunkie was nowhere to be found. Instead I was graced with the unmistakable voice of Barstool President Dave Portnoy and what seemed to be a 13 year old girl. My mind said to me what the same thing many girls have said to me in the past, “Well, I’m here, how bad can it be?”. I soon learned the same fate that 99% of them did, it can be pretty fucking bad.

El Pres was a gem as always, just like you would expect from any North Shore Massachusetts raised gentleman. As not many here know, I am regarded as the greatest athlete ever to grace that land and my mind is an even more lethal tool than my impeccable body. I have followed Robbie on Twitter as a constant reminder of how I owe the MMA community better coverage. It is great to have goals in life, but for me the fear of disappointing those I care about fuels my napalm induced fire inside. I care about everyone who has tuned into an MMA event and it scares me that this Conor McGregor fan boy is the voice of many people being introduced to the sport. Robbie believes Conor will beat Floyd Mayweather, or so it seems. Even without any original thoughts on how the fight may play out, I believe he is entitled to this opinion. What caused me to waste these precious moments of my work day is the fact he claimed Floyd Mayweather wouldn’t last 60 seconds in the Octagon with Conor.

The world of MMA Journalism is no place for fan boys. This comment is by far the most absurd that I have heard in my short time covering the sport for the masses. Robbie is most well known for dressing his underdeveloped frame to imitate Conor’s Instagram images. I am sure Simpletons find this amusing, but acting is another skill that is being exploited in a negative manner by this miniature monster. Dressing and acting as if you are Conor McGregor should be enough to convince you Floyd would last more than 60 seconds in the cage. Heath Ledger (R.I.P.) suffered a death far too prematurely in part because his mind was corrupted by playing the role of the Joker. If you want to play Conor, then do it right, get into the role, know his mindset, understand who he is as a fighter.

Conor McGregor is as arrogant as they come in combat, and for good reason. He is a mixed martial arts striking phenom. If the two were to meet in the cage, Conor would still strike with Floyd, he has too much pride not to. Conor has a total of 5 takedowns in 10 UFC fights. Of those 5 takedowns, 4 came in one single fight. Furthermore, he has 0 in his last 7 fights. The sure way to beat Floyd quickly would be to take him down, but that is not the Conor McGregor style. Added to this, the last boxer to cross over into the UFC was James Toney against Randy Couture at UFC 118 in beautiful Boston, MA. I will cut Robbie slack here as he may not have been born yet, but he should have done his research. The fight was tailor made by the UFC to prove a point. Couture, a multi-division UFC Champ and great wrestler took 3 minutes and 19 seconds to submit the overweight, 42 year old, James Toney. This was a complete mismatch and Couture followed the UFC’s game plan perfectly, but it still took time because Toney was a professional combatant with extremely dangerous hands.

And people credit Leo for the “Dad-Bod” being in style…

No one will argue that Couture is McGregor, but Couture was far more well rounded as a fighter. The bigger issue is James Toney is far from Floyd Mayweather. Floyd ranks among the best to ever enter a boxing ring. The other thing that Floyd has is boatloads of money. Floyd fights for money but his 49-0 record also tells us that he refuses to lose. If he ever stepped into the Octagon he would surely invest millions into his training. This means he could hire the best in the business. Hell, he could hire the whole Gracie family to teach him enough of a ground game to defend much of Conor’s offense if the fight got there.

Sick ground game, Bro..

At the end of the day, Conor McGregor beats Floyd Mayweather in the cage, but it takes far longer than 60 seconds. I may even argue that Floyd, given the proper time to train, is more dangerous to Conor than half the fighters in the divisions he competes. Styles make fights and this would be a prime example. Both of these men are elite athletes capable of learning quickly and applying those skills. The argument made by Robbie Fox is that of someone far too green in combat sports to be broadcast to a large and easily influenced audience.

Again, I apologize for having to take this stance and I hope to never have to do so again. The resignation or immediate termination of Robbie Fox at Barstool must happen promptly to save a section of Barstool Sports that could be so valuable to the MMA community. If the powers that be feel this is in bad taste, I suggest investing in continuing education on the sport although it may be beyond the point of rehabilitation. If the accused party of this blasphemy chooses to test his skills, I am also open to an MMA Academic Decathlon, loser walks away for good.