The Truth Behind Mayweather’s Puppet, Paulie Malignaggi

The Truth Behind Mayweather’s Puppet, Paulie Malignaggi

Let’s get something straight right now, Floyd Mayweather did not send Paulie Malignaggi into Conor McGregor’s camp as a “spy”. In a recent video courtesy of that featured Paulie looking like an absolute fool and Mayweather fan boy, this notion was suggested. Anyone who believes this to be true needs to take a long look in the mirror.

This fight has been as much about mind games as it has been about actual boxing. This has to be the most predictable of the mind games thus far. The issue is, it doesn’t make any sense. Conor invited (challenged) Paulie to spar with him, not the other way around. Additionally, Conor allegedly asked Paulie to stay longer afterwards. Paulie decided he didn’t like the way he got slapped around was treated by McGregor and left. If Paulie was in fact a Mayweather mole and not just a rat, he would have stayed to gather more information for the defensive boxing mastermind.

Nothing in the slightest bit makes sense about this other than the fact both knew it would make headlines. Headlines are good for money, especially this close to the fight. At this point, Paulie will play along with anything anti-Conor as long as it keeps him in the bright spotlight he has never experienced before. The fact of the matter is that Paulie is more relevant currently from a mainstream perspective than he was as a Champion during his own career.

Lastly, there is nothing Paulie could ever tell Floyd that he would even take into consideration. One of the things I have noticed with Floyd Mayweather in the latter part of his career is that he knows the boxing game better than anyone. It’s something truly remarkable. He has great boxing minds in his corner, but they know not to give him much, if any, advice between rounds. He sits there, rests, and analyses the fight himself. He takes the least coaching from his corner of any fighter in combat sports. Floyd is a master of his craft; Paulie was a talented and tough boxer in his time but intellectually nowhere near that of Floyd Mayweather.

There is nothing to take from this video other than the fact Floyd seems to be very much enjoying the mind games and Paulie has turned into a desperate puppet. Don’t look for stories that aren’t there, just enjoy the banter.