MayMac Superfight Postscript

MayMac Superfight Postscript

The MayMac superfight has finally come and gone. It was, in a nutshell, the exact fight that experts had predicted. Personally I was unimpressed with both men’s performances (GSP voice). The only thing that the fight did for me was fully open (or close I suppose) my eyes to just how boring boxing is. With all of this said, and since WBB is a well rounded site, here is my breakdown of the “Fight of the Century”

Most surprising observations from the fight.

Surprising Observation #1

Conor McGregor is fricken yuge (Michael Schiavello voice). Conor prides himself in his ability to cut weight successfully and still perform at a high level, but I didn’t know just how big he was. Holy shmokes it honestly blew my mind. It felt like the camera was zoomed in every time they showed McGregor and zoomed out when they went to Mayweather.

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Surprising Observation #2

I was completely shocked on just how smart Mayweather seemed to fight. If you look at Mayweather for the person he is and the fact that he can’t read, you would probably assume that he is a reckless fighter. Mayweather stuck to his gameplan and let Conor gas then pounced on him. Crazy to think that he not only followed a great gameplan, but his coaches were smart enough to create one.

Surprising Observation #3

Mayweather’s power. The reputation of each fighter coming into this was size and strength vs. speed and technique. Well when it came down to it, Mayweather was clearly throwing the harder punches. Not just in the later rounds when Conor was gassed, but I thought Mayweather was the harder puncher during the entire fight. I guess I just assumed McGregor would be the hard puncher, but I was wrong.


Least surprising observations from the fight:

Least Surprising Observation #1

Conor Mcgregor gassed. Ya don’t say! Conor Mcgregor has always been known to have cardio issues. Nate Diaz brought him into deep waters and Conor gassed hard. Even in the post fight presser Conor admitted that he wasn’t hurt just fatigued. It doesn’t look like training will ever improve Conor’s awful cardio, so this may be something to consider if he ever fights in the UFC again.

Least Surprising Observation #2

Conor Mcgregor has no heart. Obviously we known he tapped when Diaz slapped an RNC on him, but this is much deeper than that. Conor gasses, and if you gas that shows me that you can’t overcome being tired to continue fighting. Conor was blessed with a champions left hand, unfortunately he doesn’t have a champion’s heart (or a gas tank for that matter).

Least Surprising Observation #3

Floyd Mayweather won the fight in the 10th round by TKO. Literally everything about the ending of the fight was no surprise. Floyd capitalized on a gassed McGregor and got the stoppage. Then he went on to pretend like he moved forward the entire fight and put on an epic show.

My hope with this fight was that it would bring out the mini boxing fandom I have left in me and I’d actually watch some of the high profile boxing matches. Unfortunately, this fight sucked just as bad as I figured it would. Conor showed me nothing, Floyd showed me nothing, and the undercard, oh man was the undercard a snoozer.