Blogger Bio’s


Randy “Randytron” Hurley:

Mr. Hurley better known as “Randytron” to the blogging universe is the driving force behind the Mixed Martial Arts Mecca that is the White Belt Breakdown. Randytron is responsible for content, website development, marketing, and dealing with the constant HR complaints generated by J-Man’s behavior. Through all of this, he has still found time to devote to MMA research and amassed a 205-0-1 picks record in 2016.

P4P Top 5 All Time: 1. A. Silva, 2. F. Emelianenko, 3. GSP, 4. J. Jones, 5. J. Aldo

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Jeremy “J-Man” Freitas:

Mr. Freitas better known as “J-Man” to the blogging universe is the White Belt Breakdown’s color commentator. J-Man makes a living by playing devil’s advocate no matter how far fetched the idea may be. He is unmistakeable in the MMA world due to his plethora of ill advised tattoos inspired by his favorite children’s books. Although he may lack substance at times, he always brings the spice. In addition to his responsibilities with WBB, J-Man is an avid supporter of women’s rights seen through his passion for Woman’s MMA.

P4P Top 5 All Time: 1. J. Jedrzejczyk, 2. J. Jedrzejczyk, 3. J. Jedrzejczyk, 4. GSP, 5. D. Cruz